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As many institutions gear up for the start of a new academic year, there are likely a whole host of challenges and opportunities to be addressed in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead. If your college or organization has needs related to any of the following areas, I would welcome the chance to discuss how SMIE Consulting could help through various audits, training sessions, focus groups, workshops, or longer-term projects:

targeted social media outreach data-driven markets analysis  international website auditsvirtual student engagement planningsocial media check-upsinternational student enrollment management plan developmentcredential evaluation servicescommunication flow messagingmanaging up workshop Should you have needs in one or more of these areas, please contact me at

Post-SCOTUS Ruling on Travel Ban: Reactions, Uncertainty, and New-found Hope

In the wake of last week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the revised travel ban, as one might imagine, the media shifted in high gear, around the world, discussing the implications.
NAFSA and AACRAO have shared their thoughts that the carve-out for international students and scholars as having bona fide relationships with U.S. entities is welcoming news, but the implementation, as with all things immigration-related, leaves much discretion in the hands of the consular officers at embassies and consulates as well as CBP officers at air, sea and land entry ports across the country. There will still be a fair amount of uncertainty out there until the dust settles from this coming fall intake across the country. 
To many overseas, particularly in the Middle East, especially from those affected six countries on the travel ban list, a recent Kuwait Times article spells out the reality on the ground is clearly one of confusion. Even though the "bona fide relationship" exemption to…

Part I: Don't Let the International Student Sun Go Down On You

The 10,000 Foot View As the seemingly uninterrupted growth of international student flows continues to awaken colleges (and even secondary schools) to the very real benefits - cultural, educational, social, as well as financial - of having global representation on their campuses, you might be forgiven for doing a double take with this post's title. Both the Institute of International Education's 2016 Open Doors Report and the Department of Homeland Security's SEVP Quarterly Report released in December 2016 both show significant growth (7% up from 2014-15 to 2015-16 academic years - Open Doors; and 10% up since November 2015 - SEVP). Depending on which report you view and how international students are defined, there are anywhere between 1,043,000+ (Open Doors) to 1.23 million (SEVP) students from overseas currently in the U.S. Aside from three years post-9/11, there has been only one time (1971-72) since the Open Doors report began in 1948, where the U.S. did not see an a…

Ready to Create Your International Student Recruitment Survival Kit?

Have you noticed how many institutions and organizations hoping to connect with students searching for overseas study opportunities are struggling to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Whether it be finding the right social media platforms, refining messaging campaigns for particular markets, developing a sustainable strategic plan, or committing to a multi-level approach to reach intended audiences, the challenges can be overwhelming. From one-person or small international offices to well-resourced large institutions, very few are immune from the effect of recent world events, political tsunamis, or changes in government policy. 
SMIE Consulting can help. With over twenty-four years of international education experience in the US and the UK, from small liberal arts institutions to large state universities, global networks to online service providers, SMIE is ready to assist. If you have needs from blogging, social media content development and planning, communication flow messagin…

Welcome to SMIE Consulting, LLC

My goal is to serve colleges and organizations by identifying appropriate strategies to connect with a greater diversity of students from overseas who are pursuing higher education outside their home countries. Put simply, I connect students, institutions and international education professionals. How, when, what, and where student audiences for institutions get their information is a constantly shifting landscape that demands prior planning, close attention to details, targeted messaging, and appropriate follow-up.

All my work is completely customizable to the needs of the individual client. Contact me to find out how I can help.