Ready to Create Your International Student Recruitment Survival Kit?

Have you noticed how many institutions and organizations hoping to connect with students searching for overseas study opportunities are struggling to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Whether it be finding the right social media platforms, refining messaging campaigns for particular markets, developing a sustainable strategic plan, or committing to a multi-level approach to reach intended audiences, the challenges can be overwhelming. From one-person or small international offices to well-resourced large institutions, very few are immune from the effect of recent world events, political tsunamis, or changes in government policy. 

SMIE Consulting can help. With over twenty-four years of international education experience in the US and the UK, from small liberal arts institutions to large state universities, global networks to online service providers, SMIE is ready to assist. If you have needs from blogging, social media content development and planning, communication flow messaging, market development, and/or international student enrollment management strategy, SMIE can help. Feel free to contact me directly for a review of your needs and how my expertise can move your plans forward.


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