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Part I: Don't Let the International Student Sun Go Down On You

The 10,000 Foot View As the seemingly uninterrupted growth of international student flows continues to awaken colleges (and even secondary schools) to the very real benefits - cultural, educational, social, as well as financial - of having global representation on their campuses, you might be forgiven for doing a double take with this post's title. Both the Institute of International Education's 2016 Open Doors Report and the Department of Homeland Security's SEVP Quarterly Report released in December 2016 both show significant growth (7% up from 2014-15 to 2015-16 academic years - Open Doors; and 10% up since November 2015 - SEVP). Depending on which report you view and how international students are defined, there are anywhere between 1,043,000+ (Open Doors) to 1.23 million (SEVP) students from overseas currently in the U.S. Aside from three years post-9/11, there has been only one time (1971-72) since the Open Doors report began in 1948, where the U.S. did not see an a…