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Post-SCOTUS Ruling on Travel Ban: Reactions, Uncertainty, and New-found Hope

In the wake of last week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the revised travel ban, as one might imagine, the media shifted in high gear, around the world, discussing the implications.
NAFSA and AACRAO have shared their thoughts that the carve-out for international students and scholars as having bona fide relationships with U.S. entities is welcoming news, but the implementation, as with all things immigration-related, leaves much discretion in the hands of the consular officers at embassies and consulates as well as CBP officers at air, sea and land entry ports across the country. There will still be a fair amount of uncertainty out there until the dust settles from this coming fall intake across the country. 
To many overseas, particularly in the Middle East, especially from those affected six countries on the travel ban list, a recent Kuwait Times article spells out the reality on the ground is clearly one of confusion. Even though the "bona fide relationship" exemption to…